Russian Medicine Woman

      All the great things in life are simple and easy, but it takes long life journey and learning to receive those simple gifts. These gifts, like diamonds, shine within us and remind us of  who we really are and what truly matters. They remind others also about their own forgotten shining light, which they are about to discover. 

     Znaharka was a name of the medicine woman in Russia. Core of this word comes from the word  "know"-znat. She has not only inherited knowledge from her ancestors, but also spent her lifetime standing alone to clean her own spirit and prepare to help others on their life's journey.

There are many paths, many healing modalities and techniques in the world accessible for us today, but true gift of healing is by product of the uncorrupted spirit that can

 - see beyond illusions in the clean waters of her soul,

 - hear the music of the Universe,

 - know the laws of the spirit and the nature and

 - worship the truth.

    Healing session with znaharka is affordable $25-1hr,  $40-2hr. You are not going to be charged extra if healing session exceeds 2 hours per visit. 

 For appointment email her znaharkamedicine@.gmail.com

     May light of the spirit shine upon you always.


"Simple Blessings" 

Original music by Irma

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