Irma was born and raised in Tbilisi, the capital of the beautiful country of Georgia, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. At the age of 4, Irma was singing duets with her mother which began what has become an inseparable part of her life.   At the age of 6 Irma was accepted in the Music School for gifted children. She completed 7 years of training in the piano, solfeggio, musical literature, and chorus.

  It was soon discovered that this delightful youngster possessed additional talents in  art, design, poetry, math, dance, healing, and other creative areas. She graduated Tbilisi State University with MA degree in Economics and Mathematics, received 2 years private studio art training , Graduated Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnosis Motivation Institute in CA, but music, art and healing was her passion. As a result, Irma often found herself singing with friends at parties, in school, and on stage. 
   18  years ago Irma moved to America, to the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, where she began to sing and play for larger audiences. She Immediately attracted the attention of individuals who recognized her extraordinary talents. Irma was soon performing at country clubs, playing for the local Churches, and singing in local stage productions.
    With her charming personality, captivating voice, and lovely presence, Irma was encouraged to make a recording. With the unconditional help of jazz artist and master musicologist, George Melvin, Irma produced her 12-song CD singing and playing old standards, Russian Gypsy, and many of her own compositions.
    Irma continues her life-song through difficult and happy times. She says: "You may work hard on your voice, but I believe that even though one is born singer, life is the strict teacher adding the depth of emotion and insights that make a real singer"
   Irma offers special thanks to George Melvin for his unflinching generosity and her sincere appreciation to her many friends and listeners

"Simple Blessings" 

Original music by Irma

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